How to measure your carbon footprint

While awareness of the Climate Crisis is at a record high around the world, many people still struggle to understand how they can make a difference – and not knowing where to begin can be a major stumbling block for Climate Action. The best place to start is understanding your own carbon footprint, as this […]

How switching to an EV could save you money

It is inescapable that the cost of living has risen rapidly around the world over recent years, with the economic effects of the Climate Crisis being exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine. The price of oil is a key indicator of this, with the average annual Brent crude oil price having […]

Guide to Climate Crisis & Climate Action terminology

We know that the terminology around the Climate Crisis and Climate Action can be confusing, and there is a lot to learn within a very short space of time – including why we’ve capitalised both Climate Crisis and Climate Action in this very sentence. We hope that our guide to important terminologies will help overcome […]

How we’re proving range anxiety isn’t a thing

The Pole to Pole expedition will cover more than 17,000 miles across 14 countries, taking battery electric vehicles to extreme environments in order to show the role that EVs can play in fighting the Climate Crisis, and their capability for everyday driving. Along the way we aim to disprove the myth of range anxiety – […]


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