Over a decade ago, Robert launched Fully Charged, a YouTube channel focussing on the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and clean energy technologies. Today, Fully Charged has over 922,000 subscribers and has exceeded 55 million views around the world. Robert is highly regarded as both one of the industry’s EV and clean tech experts, as well as being a massive inspiration and educator to a global audience. This has seen him recently acknowledged as ‘Tech Legend’ at the T3 Awards. Since it's foundation in 2010 Fully Charged has become the world’s #1 clean energy and electric vehicle channel.

"Driving pole to pole with a combustion engine and extra fuel tanks would be hard, doing it in an electric vehicle, well, I don't know anyone else up to the job other than Chris and Julie. The work they are doing is incredible and important and I can't wait to see this amazing expedition.” 



In 2017 when Chris and Julie were tackling the gruelling 10,000 mile Mongol Rally adventure from London to Southern Siberia in their 30kWh Nissan LEAF, Mark was also setting off to tackle his epic Around the World in 80 days Guinness World Record. A challenge that saw him redefine the limits of human endurance by circumnavigating the planet in just 78 days, 14 hours, and 40 minutes, beating the previous world record by 45 days. Chris has often joked that he had hoped to maybe catch up with Mark as he was pedalling his way across Russia, but Mark was covering so many miles each day that Chris couldn’t cross Kazakhstan quick enough to reach him in time, which is ironic as Chris was the one driving a car!

"Following Chris’s amazing expeditions and campaigning over the years has been inspiring and insightful. Pole to Pole takes all of that to the next level and I can’t wait to see the story unfold.” 


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Pole to Pole EV Expedition Celebrates World Environment Day: A Journey of Sustainable Mobility

Greetings fellow explorers and electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts across the globe! Today is a day of special significance as we mark World Environment Day during the Pole to Pole EV Expedition. As we journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic in our electric vehicle, we’re continuously amazed by the world’s innate beauty, its remarkable landscapes, […]


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