Children first in line for Pole to Pole updates as expedition partners with digital education platform News-O-Matic

Schoolchildren around the world will be taken on the virtual trip of a lifetime as British explorers Chris and Julie Ramsey document Pole to Pole via digital news and learning platform News-O-Matic. The unprecedented adventure will see the married couple drive between the North and South Poles in an all-electric Nissan Ariya, with exciting key moments and updates transmitted to students via regular bite-size stories.

The trip will help to raise awareness of the climate crisis and conclusively demonstrate the capability and viability of modern electric vehicles (EVs) in even the most extreme conditions. The new partnership with News-O-Matic will make the incredible expedition far more accessible to young children, helping to educate and inform a generation that will play a critical role in the planet’s future.

No vehicle has ever successfully driven from pole to pole. It will be the Ramseys’ most ambitious expedition to date, starting in March 2023 and crossing through 14 countries and covering over 17,000 miles with temperatures between -30oC to 30oC. Throughout the expedition, Chris and Julie will give News-O-Matic readers a front-row seat, relaying the spectacular experiences they encounter. The stories will be translated — and read aloud — by native speakers into Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin to inspire and empower children from around the world.

News-O-Matic publishes five stories every weekday throughout the year and aligns its content across the English Language Arts (ELA), social studies, science, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula. After publishing for 10 years, the site has amassed an archive of 12,000+ original articles, each covering multiple reading levels and languages.

Chris Ramsey said: “Education is the most important tool in our fight against the climate crisis, it is our role to inform and inspire the next generation. Nothing inspires children like adventure, stories and engaging facts about the world they live in. By partnering with News-O-Matic, we can take schoolchildren from around the world with us on this unprecedented journey. They will be right there with us as we make history and raise awareness of the requirement for positive action and an understanding of humanity’s impact on our only home.”

Julie Ramsey said: “My hope is the young readers that engage with Pole to Pole understand the importance of sustainable mobility and celebrate the many beautiful but fragile ecosystems we encounter. If nothing else, I hope it plants a seed of curiosity and climate awareness that will inspire long-term interest and their own research. The expedition itself will not be easy; nobody has ever completed a pole-to-pole drive, and things are certain to go wrong. With this in mind, we are also confident that we will have some compelling stories to tell along the way!”

“Education is the most important tool in our fight against the climate crisis; it is our role to inform and inspire the next generation.”

During the expedition, which is scheduled to last approximately 10 months, Chris and his team will immerse themselves in local projects. These include the teaching of renewable energy technologies and their potential, as well as venturing into the Ecuadorian Amazon to meet with remote tribes. Findings will be shared with News-O-Matic readers, who will also be offered the opportunity to engage with Chris and Julie via interactive Q&A sessions.

Russell Kahn, News-O-Matic Chief Content and Education Officer added: “News-O-Matic was created to inspire students — to read, to understand their world, and to be empowered to create change. By providing children a direct link to this electric vehicle expedition, we’re giving them insight into their changing world all while educating the next generation about evolving technology, global geography, and the various cultures along the Ramseys’ route. Best of all, we’re bringing kids along for the ride, making sure they can interact with the global adventure by asking questions to the explorers and designing their expedition flag. In addition to our student-friendly articles about the expedition, News-O-Matic will be providing lesson plans for educators aligned to the Pole to Pole mission. It’s all part of our mission to support teachers in their work to educate young minds and promote global citizenship.

The News-O-Matic team is honored to be covering the Pole to Pole expedition. We wish Chris and Julie Ramsey the best of luck and cannot wait to share their stories, insights, and cultural delights with schoolchildren globally.”

The first of News-O-Matic’s Pole to Pole updates is now live. Schools can subscribe to the ad-free resource and follow Chris and Julie’s progress on their run-up to — and during — their incredible journey.

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