Pole to Pole Expedition partners with Non Plastic Beach

Pole to Pole Expedition has partnered with sustainable personal care and homeware brand, Non Plastic Beach.

Expedition leader, Chris Ramsey, will be replacing his day-to-day single-use plastic items with sustainable alternatives provided by Non Plastic Beach. In its mission to cut single-use plastics from everyday use, Non Plastic Beach is reinventing household essentials, from bamboo toothbrushes and plastic-free soap bars to silicone food covers and toothpaste ‘tablets’.

Non Plastic Beach has committed to providing all expedition members with a special kit of sustainable personal care products, specifically designed for life on the road. Travelling through pristine landscapes and with a strong commitment to ‘leave no trace’ principles, these kits will help to further enhance the expedition’s environmental credentials.

Founded by Gareth and Nicola Dean, an Anglo-Scottish couple, Non Plastic Beach offers alternatives to many common single-use plastic items. With a focus on biodegradable products and packaging, affordability and quality, the company offers its environmentally-friendly range through retailers and its own website.

The Pole to Pole Expedition is intended to raise awareness of climate change and the role that electric cars can play in reducing our carbon footprint. It will highlight the viability of contemporary electric vehicles by demonstrating their range and durability in some of the most adverse conditions imaginable.

Chris Ramsey, Founder of Pole to Pole Expedition, said: “Finding sustainable solutions to everyday products is the cornerstone of changing how we live in – and interact with – the environment. Plastic pollution has become a terrible and significant concern, particularly within ocean and coastal ecosystems. I, personally, have a fantastic relationship with Gareth and Nicola and I’m so pleased that they are supporting the momentous Pole to Pole Expedition – I can’t wait to use my bamboo toothbrush in Antarctica!”

“Any progress we can make in reducing the amount of single-use plastic and plastic packaging is a huge win, and why we are proud to partner with Non Plastic Beach.”

Gareth Dean, Co-founder of Non Plastic Beach, added: “Having worked on electric cars for the best part of a decade before setting up Non Plastic Beach, I was aware of Chris and his amazing expeditions before I got to know him. We love his commitment to lower impact adventuring and demonstrating that electric vehicles are capable, as well as more sustainable, so we are delighted to be helping the team reduce their single-use plastic footprint.”


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